October 25, 2008

The front of the house with the pennants up. (They were found in the Walmart parking lot!)

Through the back openings showing the pennants in the front.

Ray is talking to some interested folk while others are looking through photo albums of some of Ray's past projects.

The top row of photos show the chronological progress we've made so far on the house. The pictures on the bottom show some of Ray's work.

This is Ray's set up with photo albums on the left table, blueprints he's bid on on the right table and handouts and other literature on the middle table.

A potential client who is very interested in building an MD as a vacation home.

Checking the outside temp versus inside temp. Big difference!

The only picture I got of kaffine (from the bulletin board) was as he walked away after checking out the dome.

Ray is explaining the MD process to some interested people.

Ray is explaining something concerning a dome he had already built. All in all it was a good day with over 81 people visiting the house. Due to the paper mistakenly listing the open house as Sunday, Ray was there on Sunday as well and spoke with over 30 interested people.We even had 3 people show up the next Saturday because they didn't see the article until after the open house weekend. Ever since we inflated the dome, we've had an average of a dozen or so curious people stop each week.

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