The Other Las Vegas

This is the desert a few miles east of the town of Overton, NV.

This is Northeast of Las Vegas about 50 miles. It is the northern end of the "Valley of Fire", located a few miles east of the previous shot.

These are some pictures in the Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

The lake is in the distance.

The area is pure desert right up to the shoreline of the lake.

This is a wild burro in the National Recreational Area. There are wild burros and horses throughout the State of Nevada.

Getting close to Valley of Fire state park, the views are good but much better after you pay your $6 to get into the park.

I was on the top platform of Atlatl looking down on the new and improved stairs that were along side steps that had been cut into the rock many, many years ago and no longer used.

If you look real close, you can see 3 chipmunks racing over the rocks. Ray and Sharon schnauzer Coal enjoyed playing tag with them.

This next series of plants were growing outside the visitor center in a planting bed.

Somewhere in front of Ray is Coal on a leash. He and I were headed back to Mouse's Tank.

It looked like a pig so I had to go back and get this shot.

I was looking down onto the rock.

There are all kinds of shallow caves/openings in these rocks.

Small plants growing right out of the rock.

Ray and Coal decided to pose up in the opening of the red rock.

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