>This was our new house page before the fire.

>4243 E. Carey, Las Vegas, NV 89115

* The house is an about 1600 sq' all electric ranch with an attached 2 car garage, a 900Sq' basement and a 900 Sq' detached workshop building in the rear. It is located on a 1/2 acre lot, zoned single family, horse property.

* There are 3 bedrooms, a living room with fireplace, a kitchen, dining room and laundry room on the main floor. The basement has a finished playroom, (to be Dave's office) a finished bedroom (to be Su-z's office) and an unfinished cool storage room that has been used as a food storage area. The cold storage room has its own A/C unit to allow separate temperature control from that of the rest of the house. The cover is missing from the A/C unit outside and it is unknown if it works. The phone number should carry over as it is in the same zip code. The house has never had cable connected, so that will have to be done before transferring the TV and modem service.

* The house needs minor repairs, but is in very good shape considering age, climate and construction quality control.

* It is an older Las Vegas neighborhood and is a fairly quiet, safe area. (If any area can be considered safe anymore.)

Satelite Views.

The first is as the property is now and the second after proposed enhancements.

Some outside views.

Front composite.
Looking south.

Front yard views.
The first is looking north through a gate. This is a driveway that runs to the rear of the house on the west side.

Same view but from the back fence, beside the workshop.

Looking west from under the tree.

Looking east from the front of the garage towards the tree.

Looking north towards E. Carey from the front door showing the circular driveway and front wall. The sidewalk is wide enough for the mailman to pull up to the mailbox and be completely off the street.

Rear composite.
Looking north.

Swamp cooler and heat pump.

Circuit breaker box on rear of house. How's 200 amp service sound!

Fenced and gated stairs down to my office from the covered rear patio.

View from the covered back patio.

A couple of pictures of the back yard taken from the east edge of the house. The small building will become the chicken coop. Note that the block wall ends. The wire fence will eventually be replaced by additional cinder block wall.

Looking north on the east side of the house is a gate for meter reader access. The other side of the gate is the front yard by the large tree.

Looking south along the west wall. Same problem as the east side. The wire fencing will be replaced by cinder block wall, as will the rear fence. The stockade fence is in the neighbor's yard.

Work shop.
Looking from the southeast corner of the yard towards the workshop.

Note the light pole and yard security light in back yard.

More pictures of the workshop.

Broken side windows of the workshop.

Some poor quality (You get what you pay for in digital cams) interior pictures.

Living room.

Looking into the kitchen from the hallway. Door on right is to the laundry room and dining room is to the left.

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room. Door is to the laundry room.

Looking into the dining room from the kitchen.

Looking into the hallway from the dining room. Doors from left to right are: bedroom #3, bedroom #2, closet, master bedroom.

Looking towards the living room from the hallway. Dining room, kitchen are to the left. Door to right is bathroom #2. Front door is to right, around corner beyond the bathroom.

Looking down the hallway. Dining room, kitchen are to the right at end of hall. Door to right is coat closet. Front door is to left of camera. On left are bathroom #2, bedroom # 3, bedroom # 2. closet straight ahead.

Master bedroom looking towards the master bath. On left is a large closet and then between the shower and the closet is a dressing room with the sink. There is also a smaller closet in the bedroom itself.

Looking down the steep cellar stairway. Dave's office ahead,
Su-z's office to the left and cold storage to the right.

Su-z's office. Windows are in wells so that they are below ground level. Light is indirect, which cuts down on summer heat.

Dave's office.
A wood burning stove is located directly below and shares the chimney with the living room fireplace.
There is an outside door that has a flight of stairs up to ground level and well windows.

Closeups of some of the repairs needed. The back yard will need serious attention as it is just a piece of desert sand.

Cracked stucco on the workshop. The workshop also has broken windows and the double doors need to be replaced.

Cracked stucco on a corner of the house to the left of the front door. This is the reason for the leak in the cellar cold storage room. I have no idea what the little w ood panel to the right is. Possible that it was a dog door at one time?

Cracked stucco to the left of the garage door. This is what happens when someone drives into the garage instead of driving inside the garage!

Cracked stucco along the bottom of the front wall. (under living room windows.) It looks like the bottom was never finished to be pretty.

All wood trim needs to be scraped and repainted/stained. This is the worst area, the patio roof on the back of the house. It looks like there was (still is?) a leak in the patio roof.

Interesting hole in the wall (at least 2' by 2') in the hallway between the living room and the bedrooms. It is even partially framed inside. Possible location for a wall safe?

Hole in the ceiling of the cellar cold storage room where the outside missing stucco allowed leakage. I don't know if this was rain or front lawn sprinkler caused damage.

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